Engagement/Proposal Photo Shoot Request Information

Photo Shoot permits start at $750.00.

The minimum photo shoot permit, starting at $750.00 includes:

1 couple (2 people) + 1 photographer

Non-exclusive access to 3 public areas

Up to 3 hours

Public Areas:

The Lobby

Take a virtual tour of The Lobby.

The Peak (29th Floor)

Take a virtual tour of The Peak.

The Stanley Gardens

View images of the Stanley Gardens.

If you are interesting in having a Guest Room as one of your photo shoot locations, or as a staging/holding area, this will need to be booked in addition at the available room rate.


Request a Photo Shoot Permit


Make Up Add On Available

Have your make up done by a professional Guerlain Make Up Artist for this special occasion! Guerlain Spa leaves nothing left undone when it comes to offering your glamorous make up for you to be camera ready. Our Artist will be welcoming you at our Beauty Studio and will ensure you remain relaxed, happy, and picture perfect.

Make Up Add-On Starting at: $140 + HST.

Please click here to email Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto for more information, or to book your appointment.