Escape To Serenity With Hotel X Toronto

Getting a good nights sleep is a crucial part of your overall health and well-being. Traveling can be exhausting, so when it comes time to relax, we’re here to ensure all of our guests can ‘Escape To Serenity’ and get the best sleep possible. We know everyone is different, so we make it easy to customize your sleep and make your guest room feel like home (or better). Check out all the options available below!



Let’s start with one of the most crucial parts of your sleep quality, the pillows. Each bed at Hotel X Toronto comes with two soft fill pillows and two medium fill pillows.  However, if you find you’re still struggling to get comfy, we have a variety of other pillow options available. We offer three different types of Bolster pillows, or ‘body pillows’ for those looking for extra support.  You can choose from our smaller neck roll or knee support bolsters which can be used to support the neck, legs or lower back. We also have a larger full body pillow that you can snuggle up close and hold onto throughout the night! Then finally, for expecting mothers, we offer a pregnancy pillow, which is specifically designed to accommodate the contours of the pregnant body and provide support where it’s needed most. Each pillow offers firm support with a downy softness that translates directly into comfort. Those with allergies can also choose either memory-foam or hypoallergenic pillows.




Once you’ve figured out what pillow suits you best, it’s time to customize your mattress. Each guest room comes with our Concierge Suite Elite II mattress which is designed for maximum comfort. However, we also offer our extra firm mattress for guests with back issues, or those looking for something a bit more solid. If either of these options still don’t feel right, you can give our ‘Feather Bed’ a try! This offers deluxe “downy” blend of feather and down for the ultimate in comfort.




After finding the perfect pillow and mattress, you can choose from a range of accessories to make your sleep even better. Looking to block out extra light? Give our eye mask a try! It folds comfortably over your eyes giving you the sense of complete darkness, perfect for those looking to sleep in a bit. Once you’ve blocked out that extra light, might as well block out the extra noise too. Our SleepPhone Headband (aka pajamas for your ears) lays comfortably around your ears and connects to any smartphone to play nature sounds, sleep music and more. Lastly, round out the senses with our in-room diffuser! Choose from a variety of essential oils or calming scents to lightly fill the room and help you drift off to a peaceful sleep.


For more information on ‘Escape to Serenity’ check out this video with our Director of Housekeeping Gavin Green:


Need something you don’t see on the list? Ask away! Our concierge staff at each property would love to assist you in finding whatever you need.

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