Green Initiatives at Hotel X Toronto | LEED Silver Certified

A high performance building system, highly efficient lighting systems and controls, and on-site renewable energy systems is only scratching the surface of the sustainability and energy efficient features of Hotel X Toronto.

As a LEED Silver certified property, we proudly occupy 9 acres of land, of which 6 acres is gardens and outdoor space, 6 green roofs atop the building to reduce the reflective heat radiation from the building, and recently installed installed, a total of 23 Tesla Supercharger and universal charging stations in the underground parking, open to the public.

If that isn’t enough, one of the biggest ‘WOW’ factors is a floor-to-ceiling live green wall in the lobby greeting guests right from the beginning of their stay.

Green initiatives

Major sustainability features of the facility include:

Energy Efficiency: The design is aiming to be at least 29% more efficient than the MNECB-1997 reference building

◈ High performance building envelope systems

◈ Central enthalpy wheel on AHU unit supplying fresh air to hotel tower

◈ VFD on heating and cooling pumps, VFD for supply and return fan on most AHUs

◈ Airside economizer on air handling units

◈ Highly efficient lighting systems and controls

◈ On-site renewable energy systems

Best in Class Construction Practices: The specifications and contracts will mandate compliance with the erosion control plan, construction waste management plan, indoor air quality management during construction and prior to occupancy plan, and commissioning plan

◈ Indoor environmental quality

◈ Exceptional thermal comfort and control and careful selection of building materials will create a superior indoor environment

Recycling: Office, guestrooms, meetings and events spaces adhere to a recycling program following the directives of the Recycling council of Ontario

Food and Waste Disposal: Hotel X Toronto has implemented a food composting program along with a garbage compression program to minimize transportation of waste. This initiative helps us reduce not only volume of garbage generated but also limits the carbon emissions created during transportation of disposed items

Food Sourcing: Our Food & Beverage operator adheres to a “Buy Local Products” program that promotes Ontario grown produce and incentivizes the local economy

◈ Collection of rain water for irrigation

◈ Hotel X Toronto occupies 9 acres of land and features 6 acres of gardens and outdoor spaces. All rain water falling on property is collected in an underground cistern and the gray water is used for irrigating green spaces

Green Roofs: You will find six green roofs atop our building. These green roofs help reduce the reflective heat radiation from the building. The green roofs use climate appropriate plants and lichens indigenous to Ontario

Parks and Gardens: We created six acres of parks and gardens in an are previously occupied by asphalt parking lots. Over 200 trees were integrated in the design of our gardens along with grass areas and perennial grasses to recreate the original landscape of the location

Tesla Supercharger Station: We have a total of 23 Tesla Supercharger stations in the underground parking garage at Hotel X Toronto – 12 Tesla Superchargers (level 3 charging), 5 Tesla Wall Connectors (Level 2 charging), and 6 J1772 Universal Wall connectors (Level 2 charging). Click here for more information.